Encourage Your Teens To Utilize the Right Hearing Protection Devices

“Himelstein writes that these NIHL cases are likely a consequence of the growing use of iPods and MP3 players, which has increased from 18% to 76% between the years 2005 and 2007. She further says that an MP3 player produces sound with the same loudness as a chainsaw, with both registering 100 decibels (dB). Concerts of any genre, which many teens also like attending, produce sounds with 110dB.
NIHL can start developing from constant exposure to noises over 85 dB, making someone who frequently listens to their MP3 player at maximum volume highly vulnerable. Himelstein suggests parents should make their children turn down the volume of the players to no more than 60% of the maximum, and limit their listening time to 60 minutes a day. When attending concerts, hearing experts advise that wearing hearing protection devices, such as ear plugs, can protect your ears from damage.”


Why Professional Musicians Really Should Wear Effective Ear Protection

“The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders say that regular use of effective ear protection devices, such as ear plugs and ear muffs, is the best way to prevent NIHL. These devices are commercially available from reputable suppliers like Ear Peace, who have developed a range of products to give the right kind of protection for individual needs. These products are recommended not only for musicians and those whose work expose them to loud noises, but also for fans of concerts and loud music.

The article further states that musicians need better education on preventing NIHL, particularly because any loss of hearing could affect a musician’s livelihood. The best ear plugs choice will depend on the amount of noise the user is often subjected to, which could then determine the level of Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) they will need. An ear plug’s NRR is usually listed on its label to indicate the amount of noise the unit can block out.”

Protective Custom Ear Plugs: Because Your Ears Can Only Do so Much

“Many other vocations compel people to wear ear plugs. DJs in bars, for instance, should use customized DJ ear plugs to minimize their level of exposure to loud noise. On the other hand, if a person already suffers tinnitus, he can still wear ear plugs to prevent his condition from worsening.

Wearing good custom ear plugs is considered a vital part of protecting one’s hearing, next to proper ear hygiene, regular check-ups with a specialist, and choosing the right ear plug to begin with. Fortunately, many companies like Ear Peace offer solid ear plugs dedicated to protecting your hearing.”

Worry-free Concerts with Ear Plugs to Block Those Deafening Sounds

“As explained by Dillner, the ears consist of hair cells or nerve ends that transform sound into electric signal that the brain can interpret. When an extremely loud sound enters the ear, these cell can break apart and cause deafness. Unfortunately, unlike the majority of cells that go back to their original form when healed, the nerve ends will remain the same, making the condition permanent.

Your ears are more important than the enjoyment you experience at concerts or events with loud noise. However, as long as you wear protective ear plugs,you can keep attending such events without having to risk your hearing. Just make sure they come from reliable providers like Ear Peace.”